Talking Dharma, Theology, and the Queer Divine

The Satipatthana is the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness offered by the Buddha, which established the practice of contemporary mindfulness. Sati can be translated as remembering. The practice of queer divinity is about remembering our ourselves including our bodies, our sexuality, our gender identification, our history, traumas, lovers, and all the ways we use our bodies to engage in pleasure. It is also remembering our ancestors. It is evoking the ancestral presence of transgender women of color at the Stonewall Inn who initiated the modern gay rights movement. It is remembering all of our would-be elders who lost their lives to the AIDS Epidemic. It is remembering the countless people who never had a chance to live out their deepest wishes to be loved and love in the way they choose. It is remembering that heaven and enlightenment can be experienced on earth in this body. In the talk offered at the 2017 Wild Goose Festival, I explored my relationship to the queer divine through the dual lenses of dharma and theology.