It Gets Better: The Radical Path of Befriending Ourselves for Teens

Many of us have grown up not really getting a lot of positive encouragement that helps us to learn how to develop basic kindness for ourselves. Of all the people we will treat the worst in our lives, we end up treating ourselves the worst. With the practice of using mindfulness to cultivate self-kindness, we begin to emerge from various kinds of self harm and begin benefiting others around us.


Medicine Buddha attained enlightenment through the development and maturation of an ethic of healing that addressed the totality of relative suffering of all beings from sickness to political and social oppression. But how can we use this profound wisdom found in Medicine Buddha’s mythology to address the oppression and violence many of us experience today?

Embracing the Sexual Divine: Liberating Ourselves from Sex and Body Shame

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of spiritual practice is the embracing of our sexuality and sexual expressions. Many of us have deeply internalized shame of our sexual selves. So much of our sexual selves is connected to the physical body. What we discover is a poignant fear of our own bodies as vessels of our sexual expression. How do we interrogate this shame through practices of mindfulness, lovingkindness, and self-compassion?

Healing Through The Dharma

We often struggle to work with the trauma that is so present in our lives. We are bombarded and overwhelmed with a world that seems to be falling part. We are confronted with the concerns about our natural environment as well as social problems such as racism, poverty, war, violence, and a host of other things. We are left with a trauma that is unexamined and which affects the quality of our lives and our interpersonal interactions. How do we begin to work with this kind of trauma in our personal experience and within our sanghas with the help of our dharma practice?