I Invite You to Sustain this Werk


I was recently reflecting, with surprise, that Love and Rage was published four years ago. I think back to those 2020 days of deep uncertainty and profound resistance and I feel so much gratitude for how my work continues to shift, be clarified, and feel resourced. Time is teaching me exactly what support I need to fulfill my werk while maintaining my commitment to care for myself. Because I have no interest in being a martyr

Today, I’m asking for additional support from you. My team and I are growing a garden of safe places where hope is restored because we have the space and freedom to mourn, to do the real work of emotional labor as we release the pain out of our bodies and minds. We are centering BIPOC bodies and ancestors. We are calling on deities that can hold our complexity and affirm our capacity for boundless love. We are dreaming of more ways of accessibility, connection, growth, and care for every person who opens their heart to our work.

If you want to continue seeing people like me, and those on my team, do this work, I invite you to resource us with a one-time or recurring donation. Your generosity is an act of community care that I deeply cherish. May we all be fully resourced on this shared path to getting free.


Note: Donations are not tax-deductible. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution, or would prefer to donate by check, contact nia(at)lamarod.com.

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photo of Lama Rod in Savannah, GA by Colin Douglas Gray