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Meditations & Talks

A guided meditation on experiencing and moving through grief.
Basic Grief Practice
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Love and Rage Talk

How can we deal with intense emotions, be embodied, and what does this have to do with the Buddhist practice for the liberation of all beings? 

In English with German translation. Recording of the April 24, 2023 virtual talk hosted by Akazienzendo Berlin.

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Practicing Radical Acceptance

In this short video, Lama Rod Owens explores radical acceptance as a practice of getting to the essence of reality itself to experience ultimate freedom. 

Teaching for Uncertain Times

In a video series by Tricycle, Lama Rod speaks about the power that comes from honoring our different identities.

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Medicine Buddha 

Every Monday, Lama Rod teaches online at Bhumisparsha. Click below to access the ongoing materials and resources from his Medicine Buddha gatherings.

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"Woman Hold My Hand"

Lama Rod's experience of visualizing Tara as a swift one, mother, liberator, and womanist.

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"A Buddhist Teacher's Meditations on Confronting White Supremacy"

On spiritual activism that bridges social liberation with ultimate liberation.

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"Finding Enlightenment through Sitting with Discomfort"

On why mindfulness is radical and how it can improve our lives.

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"Love and Rage is a love song to my anger. Anger and love can exist together. Matter of fact, this love song is a duet between anger and love. Part of this duet means singing about the practice of love for ourselves and the love of wanting others to be happy. Listen to my curated playlist as you read my book." -- Lama Rod

Join Lama Rod beginning on October 30th for the final iteration of his Love & Rage course that will be offered with live teaching. Click here to register.


Dharma teachers Spring Washam and Lama Rod Owens talk about their unique approach to inner and outer liberation that incorporates Buddhist-based meditation practices, healing with plant-based medicine and Indigenous wisdom, Liberation Theology, and reconnecting to our ancestral knowledge. Learn what it means to be a spiritual abolitionist and discover the tools for disrupting internalized oppression and accelerating our personal and collective evolution.

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Lama Rod is featured in an episode of Duncan Trussel Family Hour.

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